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To place an order with City Jake's Cafe you must know the following facts:

  1. Minimum delivery order is $20. Minimum does not include 7% meals tax or 15% delivery charge.
  2. We deliver to businesses only.
  3. To use electronic payment, please check the correct box below. Delivery personnel cannot process cards.
  4. Once the order is totaled, Jake will personally call you with a total, and take your credit card info and then process the order.
  5. Please submit only a phone number (the CELL or DIRECT line) of the person placing the order so we can reach a living breathing person to expedite the order.
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By Checking this box you acknowledge you are placing an order with City Jake's Cafe for the indicated items. If you do not check this box your order will not be placed.
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When ordering off the regular menu, be specific on toppings, type of bread. Grilled, toasted, plain. Include any Add-Ons, Condiments, etc.

Orders submitted before 10:30 A.M. will help avoid delays.
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